• red jujube juice concentrate

red jujube juice concentrate

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Specification for jujube juice Concentrate

Jujube juce concentrate is made from the sound, fresh and ripe red jujube. Through cleaning, sorting , crushing, destonning , finishing , evaporating and sterilizing,finally aseptically filled into 55 gallon aseptic bag, then into open head steel drum, with the specification as following:

Sensory Evaluation:      

Color    : light yellow

Flavor   : Typical of ripe red Chinese date

Apperance: uniform

Physical &Chemical Data:

Brix     : 60°Bx

Acidity   : 0.8-2.4 %(as citric acid)

P H      : 3.6-4.2       


TPC     : Less than 10cfu/g

Mold    : Less than 1cfu/g

Yeast    :Less than 1cfu/g

Coli Form :negative



In 260kg aseptic bag, then into open head steel drum with one additional ploy liner. 260kg net weight per drum,80 drums per container.