• pear juice concentrate

pear juice concentrate

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Specification of pear juice concentrate

1.Sensory items

Color: brown or brown-red, becoming dark for a long time

FlavorTypical flavor and aroma of the variety

Impurity: no imputity in sigh

Appearance: clear,no sediment, no suspender physical and chemical Characterical.


2.Physical and chemical items

Soluble solids(by abbe refractometer at 20) :70+/-1brix

Titrable acidity(as malic acid): 0.5-2.0 g/100g

PH value(at 10bx):3.5-5.5

Ethanol(at 12bx):max 5.0g/kg

Turbidity:max 3.0NTU

Transparency at 12bx T 625nm: min95%

Color: min 50%

Pectin: Negative

Starch: Negative

Amino-nitrogen:min42 mg/100g

Patulin at 10bx: max 30ppm

Cu: max 5.0 mg/kg

Pb: max0.3 mg/kg

As: max 0.2mg/kg

3.microbial items

Total bacterial count: max 100cfu/ml

Pathogen: ND

TAB: Negative

Mould: max.20cfu/ml

Yeast: Max. 20cfu/ml


Packing: In 275Kg aseptic bag, then into open head steel drum with one extra poly liner. 80 drums per 20’FCL.